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Since 1981 I have owned and own one or more smooth haired Magyar Vizslas and one wire haired Magyar Vizsla. Initially I bought my first Vizsla "Mutsy" just as a hunting dog but soon I was interested in all points of the breed. Hence my entries at dog shows and working trials in Belgium and other countries, my membership in many European Magyar Vizslaclubs, my searching for written and verbal information about the breed, the foundation of the Belgian Magyar Vizslaclub, the organization of club shows, hunting abilities tests and field trials and the creation of my Vizsla database.

I moved in 1998 from Flanders (Belgium) to Hungary, the country where the Magyar Vizsla has his origins. Since 1985 I made contact with many knowledgeable people in the Hungarian Vizslaworld and I was convinced that here in Hungary it was possible to make an effort to realize my dream "building up an own line of dual purpose Magyar Vizslas".


Albertfalvi Flinta (H) x Magyar-Vadász Babi (H)
06.06.85  -  10.05.97
Conformation  : Belgian Show champion
Work : CACT autumn field trial - solo

What a job!