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Gércei-Vadász Avar is a seven-year-old homebred (born 11-26-1998) dog, out of my first litter, from the marriage of my Belgian and International Schowchampions, Öcsényi Iván (Lurko) and Luppa-Vadász Bizsu. Both parents scored excellent results – with CACT’s - in « all breed » field trials. Until the 29th of january 2004, Avar lived with one of my best hungarian friends, who used him together with an other Magyar Vizsla for practical hunting. As my Arany, Avar’s littersister, already got fabulous results on field trials, I was interested to buy him back from my friend. My long 20 year-old friendship with the Sipos family made it possible that Avar would stay in Gérce for the rest of his life.  Meanwhile Avar proved at spring and autumn field trials that he really has the abilities I had seen in him, and that he has at least the same quality level of his sister Arany, who’s in Europe the most titled Magyar Vizsla in « all breed » spring field trials. Avar has been two times at international dogshows and received both times the note « Excellent »..

Avar has a very well balanced character and integrated in my vizslacommune within a couple of hours - although there were still four other males. Health and well balanced characters together with good conformation and high hunting abilities are the qualities that  I want to see in every Magyar Vizsla and are also the goals of my breeding program.


Avar’s hips have been X-rayed when he was already five-year-old, and the result was « HD-A »  (totally free of dysplasie.)

OFA : Excellent





Bystra Splnený Sen is a beautiful female, born in December 4th, 1999. I bought her as a puppy in Slovakia. She participated twice on international dogshows in Hungary, and received two times the « Very Good » note. She qualified several times on national and international all breed field trials.

I lost Bystra during the spring 2001 for 26 hours, after she chased a hare, but she came back to the place where I left my pull-over ! She and Avar are the parents of my « J »-litter’s pupppies too. Jaďs (4th place Excellent in « open » class) and Jonas (1st place Excellent in « Joungsters » class) on the 2005 national Clubshow of the Belgian Magyar Vizslaclub, which I founded, proved that this marriage is a good one on the conformation level too. Bystra is  very velcro and is absolutely not a dominant bitch. .


Bystra is HD-B

OFA : Good





Was born on January 2nd and has 2 males and 7 females.


The names :

-        Males: Gércei-Vadász Merges and Morcos

-        Females: Gércei-Vadász Mara, Mazli, Meggy, Melli, Mira, Moka and Mutsy


Bystra, the mom.