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Article on Training







Before starting training we do need :


1.     A healthy vizsla : dogs with respiration, heart, or other health problems are not able to perform in all weather conditions that we have in field trials and hunting practice;

2.     A dog with good conformation : dogs have to have  a well built body and good angulations otherwise they do have problems with movement;

3.     A dog with “hunting” abilities (good nose, willingness to find game, natural retrieving instinct):  speed and range are related with hunting passion and willingness to find game. Nose quality and speed of the run have to be in good relation with nose quality;

4.     A vizsla with a well balanced temperament : otherwise they don’t “digest” the training and do have problems while being together with other dogs on the grounds.


All these abilities you will best find in a litter out of parents who already have proven they have the above mentioned abilities. Rest only the problem to pick the right puppy; some people are able to find out how, other will never know it.


Learn to communicate with your vizsla through your whistle! Teach them that you are happy if they perform well!


Training should be and must stay an activity the dogs like a lot. This way very few punishments are necessary. Give a lot of rewards for good finished jobs. Finding game gives our vizslas the needed “kick” and develops their willingness to still find more game.

My young vizslas are introduced to  pennraised quails, but once they know how good it is to find birds they have to work on partridges and pheasants; first pennraised  ones, later the wild ones. They have to hold on point for some minutes without touching the bird (if they know what means “no” they don’t touch!), and they have to learn steadyness at wing and shot (“stay here” command.)


After they got their first qualification in spring field trials on wild birds we can work at the retrieving part.


With a lot of patience and training you can bring them to the “excellent” level you planned to achieve. Do not forget that field trial dogs are just like sporting people; they need some training because : “tired legs mean tired nose!!!”