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The Magyar Vizsla

The Magyar Vizsla
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The Magyar (Hungarian)  Vizsla (pointing dog) has his origins, as his name is saying, in Hungary. This continental "pointing" hound (FCI-group : 7) was dispersed in the fifties all over Europe and the whole world. His good looking appearance and his pleasing temperament could, in the future, be a threat to the hunting ability of the breed, the reason why he has been created. Although a well balanced temperament, a good health and a good looking appearance are not without insignificance for any breed we must not forget the reason why humans have "made" a particular breed.

 The smooth haired Magyar Vizsla with his generally excellent nose, his never ceasing desire to please his owner, his inborn willingness to retrieve and his studious temperament is  the ideal pointing dog for the hunter who wants to see combined "good" and "good looking" in his hunting companion.

 The wire haired Magyar Vizsla doesn’t only have the qualities of his smooth haired colleague but is, in view of the nature of his coat, more suitable for the work in more heavy conditons as there are : dense cover, coldness etc.

 If you, hunter or not, are interested in one of the two breeds you have to know definitely that :

- the Magyar Vizsla is a dog which needs a lot of exercise.
- the Magyar Vizsla is a dog which loves to be with his owner.
- it is advisable that you ask the breedclub for information about the breeder and the parents before you are buying a Magyar Vizslapup.
- it is advisable to ask the breeder for a written sales contract with guarantees about health, temperament, hunting abilities etc. A responsible breeder will not make any objection about this !
- the chance to find a pup with the qualities which you are looking for is higher in a litter where both parents already have proved that they have the abilities you want.
- it is much more better  to "see" than to "hear".
- concrete evidence is much more important than sayings.

As I have always been convinced that it is still possible to combine "beauty" and "brains" in the Magyar Vizsla (how lucky we still are!), I have always tried to prove that my Magyar Vizslas do have these both qualities. It is up to you to judge, after viewing my Web site, if I have succeeded.

Lurko at the European Cup for continental pointing dogs